Earrings To Wear On Specific Occasions

There are different types of jewellery the same way there are different types of women out there. Each and every single one of them are beautiful and some are even better than the others. However, even if the accessory itself is beautiful all on its own, they sometimes don’t really match the occasion or where you are heading to. We have different sets of necklaces for all kinds of events and we have different kinds of rings to wear as well.

For this, we give suggestions on which pair of earrings you ought to wear depending on the event you go to.

Stud Earrings For Work and School

With how many rules and regulations there is about wearing jewellery in schools and even at work, they at least give us the chance to wear studs since they are safe enough to wear. That being said, you can never go wrong with diamond earrings. Simple is always everything to me. I don’t wear earrings at all but if I were given a choice which ones to wear all the time, then it would be studs. The plain flat ones that don’t mess up my hair.

On that note, if you’re looking for tips on what kind of attire to wear to match these said earrings, then check out Worthy and Life Being Girly because they go into perfect detail.

Hoop Earrings For Formal Parties

You got to admit that they look good with formal dresses that you wear to formal parties. Or maybe even galas and such. These pair compliment the look by making you look regal and elegant once put on. They come in different shapes such as triangles, rectangles or squares just as much as there are circles. Whatever you choose to put on will look spectacular with an evening gown or a long gown that has a slit by the side. I also like to think that the triangles make perfect weapons just in case. The same way you can use a stiletto’s heel to stab someone.

Chandeliers For Fun Night Outs

They sparkle. Oh, how they sparkle. Which is why they are the best for night outs when there are lights around that could reflect from the chandeliers on your ears. The precious gems in them are perfect for when you wear skin-tight jeans and cute tops. The shoes as well. Your shoes has to complement your dressy earrings well since these types of accessories tend to be really eye-catchy with how colourful and sparkly they are. Have fun with your night!

Dangles For Casual or Business Wear

They come in different shapes and sizes. They are often worn right next to simpler clothes. The idea here is to make them stand out when you wear something simple, like your everyday business uniform. Since the designs and the widths on this one seems to vary, like a LOT, you may have to be careful with how you dress. They are already extravagant all on their own. Be simple and you’ll shine.

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