Tips On Buying Your Mum Jewellery As A Gift

My own mother’s birthday isn’t until at the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start to plan early, right?

Mothers, in my opinion, are the bravest and the strongest beings on earth. They are the ones who carried us in our bellies for nine months until it was time for us to get out, in turn hurting her for it. They had so much pain just so we can have our own lives. And they didn’t stop there, didn’t they? They didn’t just go “Well, my work here is done and tossed us off to fend for ourselves.

No, they brought us up, protected us, fed us, care for us and taught us how to live in this unforgiving world. Isn’t that amazing? Years and years of them sacrificing so much just for us and all they really ask for in the end is just for us to live and be healthy as we leave the nest. Those unfortunate enough not to have that kind of loving mother (much less a MOTHER at all) don’t know what it’s like for us to feel love for them. And despite them not being perfect (because I know for sure MY own mother isn’t), we still love them and appreciate them for what they did for us.

How about the stuff we do for them?

For starters, jewellery doesn’t really equate to the decades of blood, sweat and tears they tore out so we can live. We as adults now see that. But jewellery IS a start.

Buying jewellery for mum

Customise jewellery is always the way to go. Don’t just go for the same ones that are displayed all the time in malls or jewellery stores. Other people can buy the same things for their own mums too. Customised stuff feels more personal and intimate.

There is also the problem about whether your mum even likes jewellery at all. My own mother doesn’t and that dislike for jewellery passed on to me if I was being honest. But for those who have mothers who have an eye for the sparklies, make sure that you got the gift more precious and personal than your average necklace or ring.

Another thing as a tip for buying mum jewellery, make sure that the shop you are getting that from is certified and sells authentic stuff so you won’t get conned into spending something expensive, only for it to break afterwards. You want a thing that will last forever, like diamonds. In fact, give her a diamond bracelet.

Bracelets don’t make you itch since they are on your wrists rather than neck. They aren’t like rings either that are sometimes a hassled when your hands are doing something. Bracelets, personally, are the perfect gift. Elegant and emphasizes the wrist. Perfect.

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