Tips When You Go Shopping For An Engagement Ring

If you have made the conscious decision of wanting to propose or decided with your partner to finally tie the knot together, congratulations. Getting the engagement ring may be next on your list, which is both fun and stressful at the same time.

The thing is, buying an engagement ring nowadays is far better than it was back then. Now, women can have the freedom of shopping for the ring themselves. It isn’t just the men and it isn’t just secretly figuring out ways to get her ring size just to surprise her. These days, it’s an agreement both the couple and women get to shop for the ring WITH their men.

Everything is flexible and it’s awesome.

Nonetheless, even with all this freedom at hand, don’t forget that there are still some tips needed to be handed out. Tips when it comes to shopping an engagement ring, that is.

The size, shape and metal should be something that suit your lifestyle

Match the style of the ring to your own lifestyle. There’s no use trying to wear a ring that clashes with your entire being.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect stone

You don’t even have to pick the usual diamond. You can use whatever gemstone you want, as long as it represents your love properly. If it’s beautiful and matches, then why pick an expensive one?

Judge with your own eyes

Don’t rely on what the paper says. Judge with your eyes and see if the ring itself is good enough. Don’t just follow whatever the jeweller say. Trust your gut.

A thin setting will help the rock look bigger

If you were going for a bigger rock but can’t afford it, then making the band thinner may be your next option.

Be careful and be cautious when shopping online

Make sure that you’re shopping from a legitimate online shop. They should be certified and well-known, otherwise don’t trust whatever you’re seeing and being offered with.

The old rules about the expenses don’t count anymore

Remember that old saying where the ring ought to be worth 3 months’ salary? Yeah, that doesn’t really matter anymore. You can go for a proper price you are comfortable with.

Browse rings with your lover

This is more beneficial than you might think. You both get to have a say on what the ring would look like and how much you should spend on it.

Make it unique and personal

This ring is supposed to be for you and your lover. Don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Make it special for the both of you.

Family heirlooms perhaps?

If you want to make things interesting, maybe get something out of the rings your family have gotten in the past. Whether it be the band or just the stone.

Have fun with the wedding band

You don’t have to go for the usual yellow gold anymore! Get whatever kind of metal you want.

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