The Types Of Diamonds Used In Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings 101: What Diamonds Are Used?

If you are wondering how to choose the best types of diamonds for engagement rings, it is a good idea that you first have an idea about what you want from your ring. This way, when you go to the jeweller, you will have a better idea of what type of ring you want.

Would your beloved want a ring with a small, lone gemstone? Would she want a traditional ring? Would she go for antique or vintage, or is she a modern fashionista at heart? There are lots to consider before coming up with a diamond engagement ring that’s perfect for her.

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when engagement ring is mentioned is the precious stone used, which is usually the diamond. When using diamonds in engagement rings, there are actually two categories of diamonds: colourless and coloured. Whichever you choose depends on what the love of your life wants. If you are a bit doubtful on which to pick, you can solicit ideas from those who are close to her, such as her family or her closest friend.

The Colourless Diamonds

The colourless diamond has always been a popular choice. This timeless diamond has adorned lots of engagement rings for years, especially because it’s easier to wear with any shade of dress. However, choosing diamonds need a lot of elements to consider. There are things that you must think about, and these are: the cut, the clarity, the colour, and the carat weight. These so-called 4C’s greatly affects the sparkle of the diamond.

When it comes to colourless diamond rings, people often make the mistake of assuming that a higher cost means getting the better quality ring. This is not necessarily the case and sometimes, even buying the highest-priced diamond does not guarantee that it gives the quality you are seeking for. With the help of a reputable jeweller, you’ll be able to make an educated choice when it comes to the ring your loved one deserves.

The Coloured Diamonds

Your most favourite person in the world, the love of your life, may be someone who loves colour and she may want one of those hand crafted blue diamond rings, for example. For quite a time, people have been a bit cautious about getting coloured diamonds, with some finding them a bit gaudy and outdated, but ever since celebrities started sporting coloured diamond engagement rings, and Kate Middleton was pictured wearing Princess Diana’s famous sapphire ring, interest for these coloured gems have skyrocketed. It doesn’t hurt that some coloured ones, yellow diamonds, in particular, are easy to find and are quite popular.

Coloured diamonds have several varieties or shades. In fact, this can be overwhelming when it comes to shopping for a ring. You have to decide which of the beautiful shades to choose should you decide getting coloured diamonds for your beloved’s engagement ring. Coloured diamond can range from light all the way through a deep shade. You can opt for one-toned or one that seems to give a rainbow spectrum. Knowing her favourite colour would help much in choosing this type of diamond.

Diamonds are a beautiful and timeless way to say you love someone. With so many different types available, you will definitely find one that suits your loved one’s taste. The ring you decide to get should be the very best representation of your beloved’s personal taste. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and cut so that you can create a unique ring that is not only a great gift but also beautiful to look at.

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