A Guide to Investing in Beryl Gemstones

A Guide to Investing in Beryl Gemstones

The mysterious and glamorous world of precious gems covers a wide range of stones and that includes the beryl family of gemstones. In this article, we introduce you to the beryl family of gems, which make for attractive investment opportunities.


This gorgeous green gem has long been desired by beautiful women around the world and if you are looking for a high-quality loose beryl gem Australia has, there are online solutions. Emeralds, much like other precious stones, have always been valuable and prices depend on supply & demand. Source an established online gemstone dealer when looking for loose emeralds, as they can acquire stones at trade prices. Emeralds can make for a good investment, providing you acquire high-quality gems that are certified by GIA.


This gorgeous sea-green gem is a member of the beryl family, which gets its colour from the iron content, making it a firm favourite for many women. If you are on the hunt for some loose aquamarine gems to create a stunning piece of jewellery, Google will help you find an Australian gem wholesaler who can source certified gems at trade prices, which saves you a lot of money. Commonly found in antique jewellery, aquamarine was believed to have protective properties and was worn in many cultures.

Golden Beryl

Also known as heliodor, this golden-yellow stone gets its colour from the iron content and shades vary greatly from a deep golden yellow to a yellowish-brown colour and it is a firm favourite for people of all ages. These are generally very clean stones with no inclusions, making golden beryl popular for a statement piece. If you are planning to commission a statement necklace and you wish to include top quality golden beryl, search online for an established gem wholesaler and they can acquire the gems on your behalf.


Named after the 19th-century mogul, J P Morgan, who was known to be a gem enthusiast, morganite is a pinkish colour, which is caused by the presence of manganese; morganite has gained in popularity, due to the trend for pink diamonds and should you be looking to acquire quality morganite in loose stone form, the online gem wholesaler has you covered.

Red Beryl

This is extremely rare and is usually a deep shade of red and as you would expect for a rare gem, prices are high when compared to other forms of beryl stone. To give you an idea of the rarity of red beryl, one would be found for every 150,000 diamonds mined, hence these gems are not normally found in jewellery, rather they are in the hands of serious gem collectors. If you are looking for a long-term investment, red beryl is an attractive option and with the help of a leading Australian gem wholesaler, you could acquire this alluring gem.


Recently discovered by gemmologist Francesca Pezzotta in 2003, this reddish-pink gem was thought to be red beryl at first and it is extremely rare, so much so that productive mines are now exhausted.

The beryl family of gems is unique in many respects and should you wish to acquire top-quality gems of any kind, search with Google for a leading Australian gem dealer and they can source perfect gems for your project.

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