Trends – Is It Necessary To Follow Them To Stay Fashionable?

Personally, I follow my OWN trends, if you can even call my style that. As much as I love fashion and clothes, I don’t tend to follow whatever it is they think is fashionable at the moment. Well, depending if they’re even touching an inch of my taste, that is. If it is, then I bandwagon like no one has ever bandwagon before.

So do I think it is necessary? No, not really. However, is it really that bad to be following the trends? That’s a no either.

Fashion is Subjective

Everyone has their own means of dressing up. Some like to be preppy while others just stick to their comfy hoodies and jeans without really being bothered about the pressures of looking good. Hoodies are attractive in their own way and if I had control over the weather over where I’m at, I would wear hoodies and hoodie crop-tops all the time. They’re comfy and I feel confident just flailing around in them without worrying about flashing anyone.

Then there’s also the fact that some people follow the trends of a different country. Ever heard of the K-pop movement? The fashion sense of the people in South Korea is apparently what’s in these days and I’m a victim to it (sometimes). There are a lot gentlemen and ladies all over the world trying to keep up with the fashion choices of famous K-pop idols, actors and actresses. Even though I personally think that Japanese fashion is more attractive in every sense of the way (despite the two countries’ choices in fashion sometimes get so similar).

Taste in Style differs

As you all may know, when there is something that is trending at the moment, we often find ourselves saying “what the heck, that’s atrocious” instead of agreeing with the general community and saying “OMG, that’s so cute I have to buy that too”. Each and every single one of us have our own taste in style. Some may even be the same as others however not completely. That’s fine. This is why I don’t follow trends most of the time and it’s because I sometimes think that what they deem as attractive is honestly just a picture of a hot pile of garbage. For example, I honestly think that some of the ideas in Pinterest are ugly and I would never be caught in the light of day wearing any of them, while there are a bunch of people in different countries out there that eat that up.

That’s fine. No matter what the fashion designers say, their profession doesn’t mean that their taste is something close to godly. NO ONE is the best at choosing what is great and what isn’t because we are all dumb humans who spend way too much time looking at plastic screens all day.

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