A Guide to Two-Piece Dress Styles

If you’re out to impress, the two-piece suit offers so many advantages; aside from showing some skin, you can really break the look up, not to mention that feeling of freedom when wearing separate top and bottom garments. Here’s a brief guide to two-piece styles, with a few tips from the pros.

  • Long or Short – If you are off to a sweet 16 party or a prom, then why not opt for a long, split-skirt number, and with a few inches of bare midriff, you will be noticed. Of course, you can always go short, providing the dress code allows, and with that in mind, there’s a complete list of dress codes, which is worth the read. Of course, it is a good idea to have at least two long and short options in your wardrobe.
  • Never Forget To Mix and Match – The fact that we’re talking about a separate top and bottom means that you have a huge combination of tops and bottoms; of course, if you’re going to a party or prom, then you should be looking at Peaches Boutique two piece prom dresses by well-known designers. Buying a designer dress is a great investment – this party will certainly not be your last – and there will be many opportunities in the future to wear the suit.
  • Tanning – If you already have an envious tan, this is the perfect opportunity to show it off, with a white or crème two-piece outfit, or perhaps a soft pastel colour, which contrasts nicely with your tanned skin. If you have a few weeks’ notice, you can book in a few tanning sessions to ensure a golden glow.
  • The Cocktail Two-Piece – An outfit like this can be worn to many events, so it is always a great investment, and with a polka dot suit or a floral print, you have the perfect outfit for summer semi-formal events, of which there will be many! Take note of your skin tone, then look for something that complements, then you can accessorise around that.
  • Show Those Legs – Assuming you have great looking pins, why not go for a sexy two-piece party outfit? Search for an online boutique, where you can check out many famous designers’ creations. With online shopping, you can go at your own pace. Black is a great colour, with perhaps gold or silver strap shoes and some silver jewellery, and when you see the huge collection the online boutique offers, there’s something to suit every taste and occasion.

If you’re going for a two-piece outfit, you simply must choose something from one of the best-known designers, which will prove to be a wise investment, and with online shopping, you save 15-20% on regular retail prices. Everyone has their own unique style and the most important thing to remember when styling is to experiment, which always produces results, and with lots of free online resources, keeping up with trends is much easier.

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