Aquamarines: What To Know About The Gemstones Evoking The Colours Of The Sea

What You Should Know About Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine gemstones are among the most desirable in the gemstone world. Read on to learn about these stones.

They come in a variety of shades, ranging from sky blue to ocean blue. These gemstones have been known to contain chromium and manganese. Most of the time, they are found in waters that are close to the equator. This is because the light is refracted differently at different geographical locations.

The Different Shades Of Aquamarine

Many people are drawn to the mysterious beauty of these gemstones. While there are many different colours of the gemstone, some people prefer the traditional sky blue look. You can also find aquamarine in green, pink, and orange hues. There is even an aventurine, which is a variation on the sky blue aquamarine gemstone.

Their Origin

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The origin of the gemstone is still unknown. Research has shown that the waters from which the gemstone comes from are highly alkaline. This is the same type of soil that supports the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Another theory about where the gemstone comes from suggests it came from ancient Egypt. People from that country were known to wear aquamarine gemstones as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Another theory is that it was taken from a sunken ship that now rests at an unknown location.

They’re Valuable

As we continue to read about the stone, you will learn that the gemstones usually sell for top dollar, especially the aquamarine loose stones Australia offers. When you consider that this rare stone is over one hundred years old, you will also understand why they demand high prices. You should consider buying your own piece if you want to invest in an authentic piece of aquamarine.

The most valuable ones are the ones that are the most yellowish in colour. They also appear to have a milky appearance to them. These are the hardest gemstones to come by as they are more than ten times harder than most others.

Other Things To Know About Aquamarines

There are many qualities to look for in aquamarine gemstones. The main thing to look for is the quality of the water that the gemstone is mined from. The water must be highly alkaline and must not have any magnesium or calcium in it. The quality of aquamarine gemstones also depends on what it is made of. The more pure the material, the higher the value of the stone will be. The weight of the gemstone will determine its value as well.

If you are looking for what to know about aquamarine gemstones, this information will help you get started.

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