Jewellery Trends For Autumn And Winter 2019

As for the autumn/ winter months 2019-2020 accessory fads, waist cinching belts had a strong resurgence this period, as part of an overall wide shoulders and cinched waistline silhouette that had become really big and popular for the autumn 2019 fashion trend. Chain belts also made a look, complementing every one of the chain pendants. Some pieces, particularly headscarves and socks, fit into a category that’s mostly just called Cosy Chic, which, ironically, were what we need come winter months.

But we are here for the jewellery end of the spectrum, which means we need a list of the autumn and winter jewellery trends for 2019.

Body jewellery

In the previous period we might have reasoned that body jewellery would certainly work well with bikinis, but for autumn and winter, body jewellery is instead indicated to be put on under our regular clothes, for that sexy feeling, or over garments to add a touch of glam.

Chunky bracelets

They’re as ostentatious as the other jewellery pieces, yet they’re on the lesser glam and also more obtainable, since they are constructed from resin or acetate as opposed to expensive steels as well as gems.


Pearls are as fragile and as feminine as can be, and the copious use of them stuck out as one of the even more conventional autumn/ winter 2019-2020 jewellery fads.

Big luxury chain links

Precious jewellery designers made pendants and earrings out of extra-large chain web links in metals, with flowy layouts that were prettier rather than the grunge look.

Industrial chain necklaces

There is no better method to replicate ’90s period grunge than by using industrial products as jewellery.

Twisted jewellery

Modern art is now mixed into our jewellery, which is awesome, considering that they are prettier and more interesting to look at than the normal types of jewellery we see on a regular basis.

Wild multi-chain necklaces

Chain necklaces are in again! And you can style them with gemstones if you like.

Colourful gemstones

Gems, such as Aquamarine gemstones, are especially really pretty so knowing that they’re going to be in for winter and autumn just makes us realise that it’s going to be a really colourful next two seasons.

Long earrings

If you’ve got long earrings then know that they’re in this season and the next.

Mismatched earrings

There’s just something so chic and unique about wearing mismatched earrings. Back then both men and women would even wear just one earring on one ear and just leave the other one bare. Now it’s time to wear mismatched ones.

Delicate dangles

Extra-long jewellery can be fun, but for the majority of us, a set of delicately dangly earrings could be extra useful. Long (but not extremely so) earrings made from drops of metal and shimmery strings are timelessly beautiful, and also are able to deal with both daytime appearances and also evening wear.

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