The Right Necklaces For The Right Dress Necklines

We can wear our accessories and jewellery in any way we want to, there is nothing stopping us. However, there comes a time in our lives when we realise that our fashion sense might not be up to par with the world. That is why there are guides, tips and How To’s all over the internet that helps you in these sorts of situations.

For example. Did you know that halter neck dresses go the best with a triangle pendant?

The halter neck is ideal coupled with a triangular designed pendant. If you check out the halter top’s lines on the sides, they go up towards your face in nearly a triangular form. So I like to counter this with a triangle shaped locket aiming below your face for the excellent balance.

Crew neckline with a collar or a bib necklace

The crew neckline is one of the simplest neckline. Pair this with a collar or bib since the curved neckline aids support and also enhance the form of rounder lockets.

Cube top with choker

Maintain the minimalist approach by matching your simple choker with a tube top. The straight line cut of the tube top is best for showing off the choker’s simplicity while making your neck look longer.

Button up with statement necklace

One of my favourite parings happens to be button-ups with statement necklaces. It’s nice how the necklace peeks out from under the collar and make it look like their exactly just one piece. It’s the best mix of refined and statement.

Turtleneck with long chain

Since autumn almost upon us, I’m going to expect to see a whole lot more of this match-up. It’s elegant as it is basic. This is another way to make you neck look a little longer in a really sophisticated and pretty way.

Square neckline with angular necklace

A square neck line is among the hardest necklines to pair with due to the fact that there are a lot of difficult lines going on. However for this reason, it’s ideal for drawing out the shape of an angular pendant. Did you see that it additionally improves the jawline?

V-neck with slim pendant

This particular pairing is straightforward not to mention pleasantly sweet. A lot of people like to pair a slim necklace next to a V-neck dress or shirt for a stylish and downplayed appearance. There is absolute beauty in something that has less things in it. So there you have it. A simple guide on which necklace goes with what neckline. If you ever were confused about your next match-ups when you’re going somewhere, remember this article. If it helps you in any way, you’re welcome. If it doesn’t I hope we’ve at least given you a lot of options to think about. Your own fashion style matters too.

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