Where to Look for the Best Diamonds

There’s an art to getting the best quality diamonds for the best price whether your online or offline. A big part of the equation is knowing where to look. Once you have found the best places, you will be able to locate the best deals.

This article will show you where to purchase some of the highest quality diamonds around and how you can go about finding others top merchants. Diamond Queensland’s are one of the best international diamond importer in Australia. If you are located in the area, this is one of the best places to begin your search.

Located in Brisbane, the wholesalers are GIA certified and have the finest white and Argyle pink diamonds for investment or selling. It is this type of calibre you want to search for when considering your options and we’ll go onto list how to spot more places such as this.

Where to Look for the Best Diamonds

Knowing the Diamond Score

As comparing diamonds with similar properties can be tricky, the four C’s will only get you so far. Moreover, you want to measure and compare diamonds by their scores which looks at the overall quality. When you start looking at their overall features they become much easier to source and you’ll be able to pinpoint the best locations which sell exactly what you are looking for. There are various online calculators you can use to start determining diamond scores.

Look for places GIA certified

the best quality diamonds will be certified and graded by official laboratories. This means you will need to search for certifications whether looking online or in store. They should be internationally recognised and you can search for them in your national certification body.

Go to a vendor that delivers what you need

The best vendor out there for you is one that delivers exactly what you are searching for. Even though there are those companies with top reputations which you can find online, it is really dependent on what you require.

Searching for online retailers

You can get more for your money online. Cutting out the middle man means diamond retailers can offer you a discounted price for higher quality diamonds so you are much more likely to find a better deal. Due to the low margins, you can discover top quality at reasonable prices.

It’s also important to not be in a rush when buying a diamond. It’s a large investment and can take time for the jeweller to process and refine the details. So, it’s worth holding out and waiting when looking for your perfect match.

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