How To Find The Best Engagement Ring

Once you have found the one, you will know the right time to propose. When it gets to that exciting stage, before you get busy making plans for the perfect proposal, it’s important to get things in order ring-wise. Securing the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is an essential first stage.

Whether you want to buy engagement rings in New Zealand or search for something online, you will always be able to find the best engagement ring for your partner. It does help to follow the steps below to guide you through the process so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Finding and Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

First things first, get to know the 4C’S

If you have never purchased a diamond ring before, chances are you’ll want to do your research into the 4 C’s. These magic four will cover pretty much everything you need to know when buying a diamond.

  • Carat – This is the weight, or size, of the diamond.
  • Clarity – This refers to any imperfections the stone will have. The clearer it is, the price goes up and the more beautiful the diamond becomes.
  • Cut – There are several cuts which will enhance the sparkle and glamour of the diamond. These also affect the price so it’s a good idea to get clued up on the different options out there and which you can afford.
  • Colour – A colour can be colourless (D) or a yellowish shade (Z). The more colourless it is the more expensive and rarer the diamond will be. You can also find blue and pink diamonds too so consider the perfect shade your special lady or fella will love.

Get your budget in mind

You want to splash out on your engagement ring but not too much. Give the jeweller a clear indication of what you’r playing with so they can direct you towards the best ones within your price range. Remember you can negotiate and haggle a bit so don’t miss out on the opportunity to bag a bargain! If you are holding out until you can afford a more expensive one, remember there is something special about the simplicity or something plainer that represents a pure love.

Do your research

Knowing her perfect ring and jewellery style will direct you to the ultimate engagement ring of her dreams. Knowing her size is another important factor to consider when choosing the ring. You may want to steal one of her rings to ensure you get the sizing correct first time round so it has little need to be altered. Also, think about asking close friends and family circles about colours and sort of cuts she loves.

Get the perfect band and setting

Knowing which engagement band she loves will be largely down to the metal she prefers wearing or wears the most. Think about rose golds, platinum and silvers. There is a lot of choice in this area and all come at different price points. Also think about what she does for a day job as if its more hands on, getting something more durable such as platinum will be preferable.

Putting the above tips and stages in mind when you start your search will help direct you to the perfect diamond engagement ring.

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