I Want To Give My Mum Gifts Because I Appreciate Her

I don’t want to give her something just because it’s mother’s day or any kind of day that requires me to gift her something. I want to do it on a regular basis because she raised me for over two decades selflessly after giving a painful birth to me and my little brother. Did she ever stop looking after me because it wasn’t my birthday? No, she took care of me every single day without rest. The least I could do give her something back, even if materialistic gifts hardly count as paying back for the blood, sweat and tears she let out into raising me.

The list of things I want to give her

Where do I even start? Even if I have to go through the list of jewellery perfect for mother’s day, I still don’t think they wold be enough. Besides, while I know she’ll appreciate a nice piece of jewellery, she isn’t exactly the type to wear them all the time, even when she gets out of the house. She likes things that are useful and actually give her a benefit.

Like the things listed here:

  • a brand new washing machine
  • a smartphone
  • a pair of shoes
  • comfy clothes for sleepwear
  • comfy clothes for outside the house
  • body wash and shampoo

And basically everything else that I deep important enough for her and that she uses. There is no use for buying something pretty yet not all that useful, right? That’s the same as giving away a gag gift that’s only really good for a one-time thing. I can’t be that dumb again in terms of giving things to my mother. If you’re a daughter or a son, you should be thoughtful to your mother too. You should be giving things to her that she actually likes and not the kinds of things that YOU like or the things that you THINK she would like. As generous as you are, that kind of giving is just plain thoughtless. Being a good child is more than that.

Bigger things

In the future, I want to give her bigger things. Things that takes a lot of time and savings to give. I like to call these gifts as “long term goals” because that’s what they really are in all honesty.

  • A house
  • A car
  • A chance to travel abroad
  • A butler or a maid that will take care of her when she’s too old

The last part is going to be hard but something I really want for her because I don’t want to give her off to a retirement home where she’ll be grouped n with the rest of the seniors who are basically just abandoned by their kids. If I have to, I’ll even live with her and let her see my kids until the end of time. The last thing I want to give her is fight off the loneliness that every old person gets.